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  2. Daily Horoscope: November 5, - VICE
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Daily Horoscope: November 5, 2018

Jupiter enters your expansion and education sectors, motivating you to think more optimistically. The North Node lights up your communication sector on Tuesday, motivating you for the next two years to speak more intelligently and actively listen to the right information. On Thursday, happy-go-lucky Jupiter begins an annual tour of your intimacy, sexuality, and commitment sectors.

Verbal communication is at the heart of these sensitive topics, so stay articulate, concise, and curious, and let the bodies do most of the talking. Let it rain, Gemini! A financial journey becomes your focus for the next two years when the North Node shifts into Taurus.

Daily Horoscope: November 5, - VICE

Ready to romance? Jupiter enters your partnership sector, inspiring an opposites-attract-style chemistry all year long-as well as exciting opportunities for new love, a deepening of current bonds, or healthy endings. Come through, Cancer! The North Node shifts to your sign on Tuesday, asking your beautiful values to lead the rest of the zodiac. Honor and express what you can do, and hold space for the zodiac to catch up. Finally, a year of personal responsibility sets you up carefully for success in the 12 months ahead!

The best queens lead from the heart, Leo. The heart-center theme continues when Jupiter enters your courage, creativity, and confidence sector on Thursday, helping you share the story of your soul through innovative projects, happiness, and even romance all year long. Go have fun, Virgo! The universe knows you earned it when the North Node shifts into your friendship and social-support sector, inspiring fun with your besties for the next two years. Renovating, moving, or embarking on real-estate ventures also will prove successful for you!

Career takeoff begins on Tuesday, Libra!

There could even be an irritating last-minute development when you least want or expect it. While the later hours are likely to bring a little clarity, this same clarity is likely to contain a slight fault-finding quality! You may feel that you can judge a specific matter or development accurately enough, or that you have the measure of it. You could learn something to your advantage early in the day, but the early evening may usher in a slightly reserved vibe. In addition, you should perhaps note a small hint! You may even need to anticipate a partial U-turn when it comes to an ongoing commitment or venture.

Daily horoscope

In addition, try not to react to a predictable or expected development! However; there is an indication that you may overlook something that is perhaps easy to miss. If so, then, lunar shifts this evening are likely to highlight minor complications that could turn out to be quite time-consuming! However, as the fiery vibe gives way to a far more restrictive one, you may realize that the only thing blocking your efforts is a marginally unrealistic grand claim! That said; you may need to approach a possibly fifty-fifty decision with caution. A short-lived matter may not be worth getting stressed over!

The months ahead will see you balancing the different aspects of your life nicely.

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Work If you were uneasy about a rumor, you now discover that it was precisely that, a rumor, something false that someone started running in your work. Remember that not everything we hear or read is true, except now with the amount of manipulation that exists in social media. Are the considerations over? I hope you have the armor on. Because they will throw you into battle even in shorts. The more you try to delay the inevitable, the harder things will get.

Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.

Grab the bull by the horns and defend yourself as you can. Money and Luck You will have more than you thought and you can buy or invest in what is really important to you during this stage of the birthday you are living.

There is money in your horoscope, Scorpio. Enjoy your creative fantasies today, but without losing sight of reality. Think things through before making a decision. Otherwise, you could fall into a fantasy world without an escape tunnel. Concentrate on the positive aspects of the situation and you will succeed. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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