Leo career horoscope 2019 october

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Leo October Horoscope – Birthday Compatibility

Try to be around friendly, trustworthy people, whose company will make you feel calmer and happier. You will make a new beginning with your partner, who also really needs that. You will come close to one another and live a happy, calm life. You might end up disappointed. Take some time to assess the quality and the intentions of the people who approach you, so you can give a chance to those who really deserve it.

Your October 12222 Monthly Horoscope

At work, you need to become more mature and responsible. Try working on your own, making the most of your abilities. This period may be favorable, but you still need to employ critical thinking, in order to make the best moves.

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In your finances, you need to settle old debts, now that you finally have the ability. Our website uses cookies to improve your experience and provide personalised content. By continuing to use our website you acknowledge and agree to that. You have probably been very busy lately and now you may feel a little frazzled as a result. But with the New Moon eclipsing the Sun in Libra, it is work or health matters that occupy most of your attention.

You now have a chance to make a new beginning where the work scene is concerned and also in matters to do with your health or diet. Mars has spent the last two months in the area of your chart connected with self sacrifice, and you may have been giving much of your time to helping others less fortunate than yourself.

Or you may have been putting much energy into a project that has yet to be unveiled. Now, with Mars retrograde, there is a slow down in your plans or less demand for your time from others.

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But in the meantime, the New Moon eclipses the Sun in Libra, where Jupiter has been providing you with opportunities to grow and develop creatively. Now you have the chance for a new beginning in any creative venture, even for trying something new that gives you pleasure, which could range from games of any sort to romance. Mars in Taurus has been pushing you towards working with others and encouraging you to spend time on your long term objectives. If you have been able to find like minded people with whom to work, then progress will have been made, but now, as Mars turns retrograde, you can expect a slowing down of your plans here.

While Jupiter has spent the last year in Libra, you have had many opportunities for growth or expansion in your home or family life. Since Jupiter moves on later this October, why not reach out now and take that step forward? While Mars has been in the area of your chart connected with your career and your public persona, you have been at your most ambitious, although working in harmony with colleagues will have needed some effort on your part.

Now that Mars turns retrograde you relax a little and are less competitive and easier to get along with.

LEO CAREER & MONEY *YOU GOT THIS!* OCTOBER 2019 💰 Psychic Tarot Card Love Reading

Meanwhile, the New Moon on Monday, which eclipses the Sun in Libra, suggests that those opportunities that you have been experiencing throughout the last year regarding a change of location, or getting to grips with new ways of communicating, even learning new skills, are again being dangled in front of your nose! Jupiter only spends another three weeks in this area of your chart and the New Moon suggests new beginnings — so why not?

While Mars has been in Taurus, a lot of your time and energy has no doubt revolved around foreign matters, whether with travel or people, or perhaps in legal business too. And now, with Mars retrograde, you will need all your patience, as there may be a slowing down, or delays in your plans.

But in the meantime, the New Moon, which eclipses the Sun in the area of your chart connected with your finances, allows you to make new beginnings where income or property is concerned. Jupiter is about to move on from here, having been presenting you with opportunities to improve either your income or your property during the past year. Now is the time to make that new start — will you take the opportunity to do so?

October 12222 Horoscope: Predictions for Leo

The New Moon eclipses the Sun in your sign on the 3rd, and emphasises and reiterates what Jupiter has been offering you for the past year. You have a chance for a new beginning, an opportunity to change your attitude or your life in a big and advantageous way.

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  4. Later in the month, the emphasis moves to your income and possessions, where you are inclined to be generous and even extravagant. But with Mars in Taurus, it seems you are prepared to fight for what you feel is rightfully yours where jointly owned property or shared resources are concerned. With Mars retrograde until early December, however, you may be persuaded to settle for less than you hoped for.

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    While Mars, the co-ruler of your sign, remains in Taurus, there are signs of tension with partners or in your closest relationships. If you have a very good and strong relationship, however, much can be accomplished between you at this time. But now, with Mars in retrograde motion until early December, work on your joint projects slows down a little.

    And where tension between you is concerned, you are inclined to back off somewhat from your position of non-compromise, thus improving matters between you.